Friday, July 18, 2008

SUPERDELL Sets World Speed Record... Again...

50mph isn't that fast for your car but for flying a parachute it is flat out moving and sets a new all time record for the industry. Dell Schanze accomplished this with an 11sm paraglider prototype and a new 30hp version of the Simonini Mini 2 plus on the S-Trike which he designed. His S-Trike design is extremely revolutionary and sets an all new standard for ultralight aviation for performance, safety & portability. The S-Trike is 3 different aircraft in one. The glider can be flown without a motor at free flying sites. You can detach the motor unit which turns into a backpack that can be foot launched for tight areas and the S-Trike ads wheels for maximum speed and luggage capacity. It will carry up to 350 lbs. This incredible new unit which can be ready to fly in less than 60 seconds or packed on the back of your vehicle retails for only $14,400. Call 801-631-1731 for information on an introductory lesson!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

SUPERDELL Sets Powered Skydiving US Distance Record

Powered Skydiving is the power sport for the 21st century. Classified as an ultralight aircraft it is limited to only 5 gallons of fuel so a distance record in the US takes serious skills & advanced equipment to achieve. Dell Schanze launched from the shore of Utah lake at 12:15pm on July 5th 2008 and landed 7 hours and 13 minutes later just outside of Rawlings Wyoming. This record was achieved flying a brand new high tech paraglider called the Airforce from U-Turn paragliders, sporting an amazing 10.1:1 glide ratio and the Flat Top 200 from Revolution Paramotors.