Monday, February 11, 2008

New World Record!!!

Now after lots of work everything comes together. 45 mph was achieved on the Powered Skydiving S-Trike in straight and level flight!!!! A whole new world of possibility is born.


Fred Key said...

Dear Dell,
Those are amazing feats you are doing. I am actually typing on a TAC XP SP1 machine at this moment. It's run like a charm for 5-6 years. Most people are jealous of your success, and would give anything to see you abandoned and bankrupt. It's too bad some of the media doesn't read your blog, they would see a totally different and sensitive Super Dell. I have enjoyed reading and seeing your extreme videos. I felt bad that lady called you a pervert on Xmas eve, some people just like popping other peoples balloons. I am much older than you and I started rollerblading, and I am in my 7th year now, and love to do tricks I have developed that not even some of the best skaters can imitate, so I love the extreme, just for the challege. Of course my worst event with blades was speedskating down Parley's canyon (near the run away truck lane) and I overestimated my ability, and went down with 30-40 stitches in my face, broken nose (two places), and knocked out three teeth. My knees were messed up also, but that was 3 years ago, and I love it at least as much as you love your gliding. I have one small comment, I guess I can understand why you never show your family, with the weirdos out there, you sound like a good dad. Remember, don't forget to share your passions with your family, really insignificant things can make kids happy and grin from ear to ear, and I know you probably do that constantly. Slow down in the neighborhoods, just kidding! that sounds like some cops got out of control, not you.

Take care,
Joe - West Valley City

Dude said...

Dell, I just wanted to tell you that I still spazz out on my Totally Awesome Computer. This machine rocks - could however be upgraded - too bad your business is not around anymore - cause I would for sure give you my $$$! Bro, have you seen that guy that is attempting to skydive without a parachute? He has wings attached to his dive suit. Now that would be a world record to break - I think you should try doing it. Anyway bro, hopefully I can go up flying with you sometime. I told my buddy that you should have a reality TV show - it would rock and would also prove to all the haters out there that you are a upstanding citizen with great morals.

Rock on!