Saturday, November 8, 2008

Back To The Fun Stuff...

My new Aircraft I designed is finished, I call it the S-Trike. It is 3 aircraft in one. The canopy can be flown without a motor using thermals or ridgelift, the motor unit can be strapped to your back like a backpack and foot launched and the S-Trike can be used for even more speed and range. I've spent many years perfecting this unit and it is offically Totally Awesome!!!! I also designed a transport rack so the whole thing can be stuck right on the back of your vehicle quickly and easily:

I manufacture them myself and sell them all over the world. Too darn fun!! Take a look at how it works, it is super versitile and can carry up to 350 lbs:

If you would like more information just check out my website:

Powered Paragliding


CarrieAnn said...

Looks really fun. How much would a whole set up like that cost? Is it the sort of thing that would be best avoided by accident prone people?

Is there a "double" unit like that where two people could ride? If so, is there a company where you can pay to go on a tandem flight?


A complete unit with everything you need is about $16,000. Yes it is great for wild adventurers as it is one of the safest power sports out there. It is very forgiving of oopsies. Nobody has ever been seriously injured or killed in one. Yes the unit in the video is tandem capable but because of our lovely government it is currently illegal to fly tandem unless it is foot launched without the wheels. If you want to come out and try it just give me a call anytime. 801-631-1731

StuTheWise said...

Wow. That really is totally awesome. I'm impressed. Nice work!

Compaq User said...


I just wanted to wish you luck in your future endeavors. We may not agree on political issues, but I wanted to comment about what I thought of you when I met you in person. You may remember me as some who commented on your previous posting titled "Why, Who and How" from October 28th. You may also remember me as the student from Utah State who interviewed your in regards to you entrepreneurial talents.

I would say that I completely disagree with some of your political views (pretty much anything that you justify with "god told me..."). However, I sent you an e-mail that same day asking to interview you and you were more than accommodating. Also, when I met you in person, you were a very nice individual who I would dare say I admire. Just so everyone can put this into perspective, this was within one week of the election and I had contacted you last minute. Again, I am very impressed.

Just so that you can understand where I am coming from, I have different religious views than you do. When you say "God tells me..." I have a hard time accepting that when there are thousands of religions, which sometimes disagree on things such as evolution, homosexuality, and alcohol consumption. I know you believe in your church, but don't let that diminish the beauty of freedom of religion. Everybody believes they are right. That is why it is incredibly important to show tolerance for various beliefs. My gut feeling tells me that if you were elected, I would have to hop the border to Idaho every time I wanted to consume alcohol because of what your religion dictates.

Again, I just wanted to say farewell and good luck. I only hope that someday I can work as hard as you have in the past and present. Thanks again for allowing me to interview you.



The sad thing is that true Christians ARE for freedom. I would have removed the restrictive laws on alcohol and am all for people's rights to worship how, where and what they may.

Yes many people "believe". Others know. Be careful of those that say they "believe" whatever. That word seriously lacks confidence and is a simple key to understanding they don't really know. I know for a fact what I say is true. There is no doubt. I know God, I know the power of God and I can see clearly as can be the difference between those that follow God and have his spirit with them and those that follow satan and walk around with a dark cloud of doom hanging over them. I know. That doesn't mean I force you to believe whatever. That means I'm just saying I know. Some people get so offended by confident people because they lack confidence themselves.

I know 100% what I say it true. I am a tad past faith. No amount of my knowledge should replace your faith though. Each person must exercise their faith and if they follow God sincerely they can also work up to sure knowledge. This freedom was given to all by God.

tnt said...
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CharityAngel said...

That looks relaxing. Or at least you look relaxed doing it.

I definitely like your creative way of doing things.