Saturday, November 24, 2007

SUPERDELL Invents a new aircraft!!!

Powered Skydiving, a new extreme sport invented by Dell Schanze makes history. The safest ultralight aircraft ever devised is ground tested by the designer himself on November 24, 2007. Exceeding his expectations this ultralight aircraft does not require a pilots license or any FAA registration to be flown. It is very versitile as it can be used with pretty much any paraglider and many skydiving & base jumping canopies. The unit is actually 2 aircraft in one, both a packpack version and a wheeled version. The packpack fits on the back of the Flat Top S-Trike for a wheeled launch to extend speed & range and when maximum portability is require or for very small launch areas the backpack can be flown by itself in a foot launch configuration.

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Piotrek said...

Maaaan! You make sure to tell us when you're having fun now, OK? And don't come too close to that freeway. People in Utah don't like their phone conversations disrupted. ;-)