Saturday, January 10, 2009

2 More World Records For SUPERDELL

What a total blast today tearing it up on my backpack aircraft. Here is some video of 2 new records I set. The first one was a figure 8. Nobody has drug their foot through an entire figure 8 without it leaving the ground and I pulled off 3 in a row. Then the old record of foot drags in a circle set by me at 3 I bumped up to 5. To much fun:



I make this look simple lol, I have to maintain altitude perfectly within about 6 inches while turning into and away from the wind. This is extremely difficult which is why you don't see anyone else doing it. Anyone that has flown a plane around in circles for their pilots license trying to maintain altitude within a hundred feet, now imagine doing it but maintaining altitude within 6 inches lol.

Pahoran said...

Dang that looks fun! Thats all I can really say. Much more fun than running in circles in the "Rat race".
A little to cold for me though. I saw your video clip of you flying in Hawaii, now thats more my cup o noodles! Like you said, "Too much fun!"