Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Missing Out On Fun? You Need Some Powered Skydiving!!!

If you click on the video twice you can go to youtube and watch it in HD widescreen. Pretty wild. If you then subscribe it will automatically email you every time I post a new video. Seriously wild flying today!!!

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randykowalski said...

Hey Super Dell

You make my day!! You are truly the BEST PSD/PPG Pilot/Designer out there. I still cannot understand why the flat-top is not getting more attention with-in the PPG industry. I have owned 2 motors and used 3 others, prior to the flat-top so I speak from experience. The flat-top is safer, easier, more powerful, more comfortable, and easier to work with than ANY other motor I have used. Anyone considering purchasing a motor should do themselves a favor and compare the flat-top..... It will sell itself. Keep the videos coming Dell.... Each one is enjoyable to watch as well as instructive.
Randy Kowalski